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Interview By Fellow Photographer Juan J. Canovas Castillo

I was interviewed by my friend and fellow Spain-based photographer Juan J. Canovas Castillo. It was targeted for Spanish speaking countries but he also released an English version of the interview. If you’d like to read what kind of nonsense I have to say head over to his blog.

English version: https://jjcanovas.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/interview-with-a-photographer-friend-ryan-lam/

Spanish version: https://jjcanovas.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/fotografos-amigos-ryan-lam/

Florence Panorama Poster


Here are some photos of my work as posters and canvas:

Natural History Museum Poster
The photo that was featured in the Fujifilm Magazine Issue 4 (2014).

Belle Lumière Collection

Belle Lumière Magazine – Film Photography

This was in my mailbox and the postman put it pretty forcefully in. It was quite difficult to get it out of my mailbox…
The kind lady, photographer and founder of Belle Lumière Lexi sent it to me right from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA here to Germany.
I ordered the whole collection, which consists of four…