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Star Wars Christmas

Happy Holidays Y’all!

Happy holidays y’all!

In one year around this time we will sit in a cinema to watch ‘Star Wars Episode VII’. *waving the hand in the air and performing the Jedi trick* 😉

Here enjoy LEGO Star Wars in the meantime. 😉

Winter Wonderland Ferris Wheel

X-E2 In London During Christmas & New Year Pt.4

The last post with photos from the London holiday. All photos shot with the XF 18-55mm at Winter Wonderland Christmas Market in the Hyde Park.

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Market Leicester Square

X-E2 In London During Christmas & New Year Pt.2

Part 2 consists of photos of the Christmas decoration and two of those countless (German) Christmas markets in London.
All those photos were shot with the new XF 23mm lens. It was like a low light test run for the lens and the new X-E2.
Just to see the capability of the combo and see…

Christmas ornament

Christmas time

Decorated christmas trees everywhere!

Christmas ornament