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Fujifilm Gear August 2013

Leaving The DSLR Camp For Fujifilm Cameras – My Journey to the X100 & X-E1

Coming from the DSLR camp I used APSC-sized and full frame sized sensor DSLRs for years. Some day I bought my first CSC with a fixed lens the Leica X1, because I want something compact, light-weighted, with an APSC-sized sensor for every day use and I don’t want to compromise in terms of image quality….

Tower Bridge Nightfall 2013

X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R Nightfall/Twilight Series in London

Here are photos shot with the X-E1 to continue my nightfall/twilight series I started with the X100 a few years ago.
One of the X100 photos was also ‘Photo of the week’ on Fujifilm’s facebook page (Cologne Cathedral – Nightfall).

Let’s start with the X100 nightfall/twilight series at first if you haven’t seen the photos:…

Autumn Leaves

X100 and Autumn Leaves

Two shots from autumn. I like the red of the plants.

Iced Coffee

X100 and Cafe

Enjoying an iced coffee in a local Italian ice parlour.


X100 and Hiking

A hike with the X100. Here some impressions.

Enchanted Forest

Mystical Forest

The Fence

X100 and Summer in Hameln

Some shots with the X100 during summer days.


Empty beer garden in the middle of the night

Chinese Tea Ceremony

X100 and Chinese Tea Ceremony

A Chinese Tea Ceremony at home.

In The Spotlights

X100 and Boxing Match Klitschko

With X100 in Düsseldorf watching a Kltischko boxing match.


The Cemetery

X100 and Cemetery

A shot at the cemetery in the morning.


X100 & Urban Exploration in Hannover

Two shots from an urban exploration in a shut down factory in Hannover.