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Christmas Market Leicester Square

X-E2 In London During Christmas & New Year Pt.2

Part 2 consists of photos of the Christmas decoration and two of those countless (German) Christmas markets in London.
All those photos were shot with the new XF 23mm lens. It was like a low light test run for the lens and the new X-E2.
Just to see the capability of the combo and see…

Tate Modern Terrace

X-E2 in London During Christmas & New Year Pt.1

I’ve been many times in London during spring and during summer but I’ve never been there during Christmas and/or on New Year.
That changed last month. The city is beautifully decorated and there are so many (German) Christmas market that I really didn’t miss Germany at any time.

Before I left for the trip to…

Lulworth Cove

Back From the Holidays In UK

Hi everyone! I wish you all happy New Year!

I am back in Germany. Here is a small blog post before I post in the next few days all the photos I took during my holidays.

As you know from one of the previous posts we planned to take photos at the coast of Dorset. The problem…