Interview By Fellow Photographer Juan J. Canovas Castillo

I was interviewed by my friend and fellow Spain-based photographer Juan J. Canovas Castillo. It was targeted for Spanish speaking countries but he also released an English version of the interview. If you’d like to read what kind of nonsense I have to say head over to his blog.

English version:

Spanish version:

Venice 2015 Planning

Carnevale di Venezia, Venice, Burano & Murano

Two weeks ago (Feb. 2015) I was in Venice for the first time and it was during Carnevale di Venezia 2015.
In 2012 when I was on a backpack trip with a friend in Rome, Florence, Pisa & Lucca (Italy 2012) we didn’t make it to Venice. Many people we met…

China Trip

Travelling Through China

In October last year (2014) I travelled with two German friends through China. We had a lot of fun and taking photos there was a bliss.
For my two friends it was their first trip overseas and also the first time being in China. It was my third visit in China.
For a long time…

Bride And Bouquet

Jessi & Albert’s Wedding in London

Friends of mine got married in London last summer. I attended their wedding and took some photos with the Fujifilm gear. That was also the last time I used the Fujifilm cameras for taking photos. All photos were shot with the X-E2 and the XF 23mm f/1.4 R lens. Meanwhile I switched to Sony.

Florence Panorama Poster


Here are some photos of my work as posters and canvas:

Natural History Museum Poster
The photo that was featured in the Fujifilm Magazine Issue 4 (2014).

Fujifilm Magazine Feature

Fujifilm Magazine Feature

It’s been a long time but nevertheless something I’d like to mention:
I was featured in the ‘Fujifilm Magazine Issue 4 (2014)’ last year with my photo of London Natural History Museum that I shot in July 2013.

Star Wars Christmas

Happy Holidays Y’all!

Happy holidays y’all!

In one year around this time we will sit in a cinema to watch ‘Star Wars Episode VII’. *waving the hand in the air and performing the Jedi trick* 😉

Here enjoy LEGO Star Wars in the meantime. 😉

Beachy Head

Beachy Head

The great chalk headland with dangerous cliffs & the wide open landscape with hills of East Sussex, England. Beachy Head has the highest chalk sea cliff of Britain. Here a selection of photos shot at that place. For all photos visit the flickr album Beachy Head.

Beachy Head – 9km Eastbound Hike…

Land's End

Land’s End

The beautiful & picturesque coast, cliffs & landscape of Cornwall South-West England.

Here is a small selection of photos I shot in Land’s End. To see all photos please visit the ‘Land’s End’ album on my flickr page (Land’s End flickr album).

Part 1 – 6km Northbound Hike from Land’s…

Penzance habour


This is the beautiful Penzance habour.

Lovely sunny day in Penzance and the whole habour town was full of pirates because they tried to set the world record but missed it by 77 pirates.
14,155 pirates were there. We didn’t…